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Journal Articles

(* equal contribution; # corresponding author)

From UIC

67. Chao C., Zhang E., Zhao Z.#, Trinh D., Udofa E., He S., Zheng J., Bao Q., Phan P., Elegndy S., Shi X., Burdette J., Lee S., Gao Y., Zhao Z.# Manuscript submitted.

66. Li J., Gong G., Zhang Y., Zheng Y., He Y., Chen M., He X., Zheng X., Gong X., Liu L., Zhou K. Zhao Z., Shields W., Hua Y.#, Li Y.#, Guo J.# Under review.

65. Gunasekara H., Perera T., Chao C., Saed B., Anderson J., Zhao Z., Hu Y.# Under review.

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61. He S., Zhao Z.#. Genetically engineered cell-derived nanovesicles for cancer immunotherapy. Nanoscale 2024, in press. (Nanoscale 2024 Emerging Investigators).

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56. Lenders V.*, Koutsoumpou X.*, Phan P.*, Soenen S., Allegaert K., de Vleeschouwer S., Toelen J., Zhao Z., Manshian B. Modulation of engineered nanomaterial interactions with organ barriers for enhanced drug transport. Chemical Society Reviews 2023, in press.

55. Chao C.*, Zhang E.*, Zhao Z.# Engineering cells for precision drug delivery: New advances, clinical translation, and emerging strategies. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 2023, in press. (Special issue "Emerging Voices in Drug Delivery")

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53. Liao X., Gong G., Dai M., Xiang Z., Pan J., Shang J., Blocki A.M., Zhao Z., Shields C.W., Guo J. Systemic Tumor Suppression via Macrophage-Driven Automated Homing of Metal-Phenolic-Gated Nanosponges for Metastatic Melanoma. Advanced Science 2023, in press.

52. Li B., Teng C., Yu H., Jiang X., Xing X., Jiang Q., Lin C., Zhao Z., Zhang R., He W. Alleviating experimental pulmonary hypertension via co-delivering FoxO1 stimulus and apoptosis activator to hyperproliferating pulmonary arteries. Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B 2022.  In press


51. Lenders V., Escudero R., Koutsoumpou X., Alvarez L. A., Rozenski J., Soenen S. J., Zhao Z., Mitragotri S., Baatsen P., Allegaert K., Toelen J., Manshian B. B. Modularity of RBC hitchhiking with polymeric nanoparticles: testing the limits of non-covalent adsorption. Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2022, 333.

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48. Curreri A., Sankholkar D., Mitragotri S.#, Zhao Z.#. RNA therapeutics in the Clinic. Bioengineering & Translational Medicine 2022, e10374. (Selected as "Cover Article")

47. Chopade P., Chopade N., Zhao Z., Mitragotri S., Liao R., Suja V.C. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease Therapies in the Clinic. Bioengineering & Translational Medicine 2022, in press.

46. Ikeda-Imafuku M., Wang L., Rodrigues D., Shaha S., Zhao Z.#, Mitragotri S#. Strategies to Improve the EPR Effect: A Mechanistic Perspective and Clinical Translation. Journal of Controlled Release 2022, 345: 512-536.

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44. Zhao Z.#, Anselmo A.#, Mitragotri S.# Viral vector-based gene therapies in the clinic. Bioengineering & Translational Medicine 2021, e10258. 

From previous institutions

43. Gao Y., Ikeda-Imafuku M., Zhao Z., Joshi M., Mitragotri S. A polymer-based systemic hemostat for managing uncontrolled bleeding. Bioengineering & Translational Medicine 2023, in press.


42. Zhao Z.*, Kim J.*, Suja V.C., Kapate N., Gao Y., Guo J., Muzykantov V., Mitragotri S. Red Blood Cell Anchoring Enables Targeted Transduction and Re-Administration of AAV-Mediated Gene Therapy. Advanced Science 2022, 2201293.

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Book Chapters

(* equal contribution; # corresponding author)

Hu Y.*, Zhao Z.*, Saylor K.*, Zhang C. Nicotine Vaccines: The past, the present, and the future. In Neuroscience of Nicotine (pp. 475-482) 2019. Academic Press.

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